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Her kan du finne mine kurs i personlig utvikling, stressmestring, mindfulness og livskvalitet på spansk og englesk, flere av mine avspenningsøvelser på norsk, engelsk og spansk, samt noe av min musikk. Bortsett fra kursene er alt gratis. Denne appen er regnet som den beste meditasjonsappen med verdens største GRATIS bibliotek med mer enn 70 000 guidede meditasjoner, 9 000 lærere og verdens mest populære meditasjonstimer. Den kan lastes ned på mobilen eller sees direkte på PC. Klikk på bildet ovenfor for å vite mer.

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Kommentarer fra kursdeltagere

"Listening to you feels like a beautiful memory and reset to when I just operated from peace and curiosity, without letting other people’s fight energy get into my system. This class I can tell is going to be a golden one for me, and I’ll likely be re-listening to it a number of times, or anytime I get triggered by something in society and want to just reset back to my true nature, which is peace, harmony, curiosity, love, innocence and awe. Beautiful work. Intelligent and very kind, also. Thank you so much!" - Julia

"I truly appreciated this very insightful course. The truth spoken in this course exists even within religions, but I believe organized religions and cultures have been vulnerable to muddling and confusing the message for many reasons. Your course has both shed light as well as spoken truths that have guided and resided within me throughout my life. Even as some of those truths have, at times, become cloudy in my vision due to self doubt vulnerable to influences of others, your words rekindled confidence and clarity. Thank you!" -Ann

"What a timely course! I’m so glad I came across it. Thank you Jan for sharing your research with the world. Thank you for this gift of knowledge and hope to see more of it in the future!" - Gul

“Lesson 2 was spot on for me as it reminded me of my early exposure to others beliefs. I have since travelled extensively and enjoy seeing and participating in other cultures. It helps me feel we are all one underneath the trappings of external beliefs. I’m enjoying this course and want to thank you for your guidance.“ - Jocelyn

"Thank you so much for your beautiful and thought-inspiring course! I will listen again to deepen my perception of how I can heal myself and possibly assist my family, friends and community in our pursuit of health and happiness. Love and blessings to all. Namasté!" - Celia

"Amazing! In 21 modules, Jan breaks down why we are the way we are and why the world is the way it is. I feel as though I have had 15 years of therapy in 21 days. Thank you!" - Chris

"Absolutely loving this course Jan! Really resonates with me, the sessions are amazing thank you. Listening to a couple a day, fantastic sessions." - Sharon

"Very thought provoking. The stories and analogies are well thought out making them good food for thought. Very worthwhile for seekers." - Jim

"Excellent I recommend everyone should hear this we need to unite together to change things. Thank you!" - Nada

"Very clearly worded, understandable. Great distinctions of thought." - Patricia

"Wonderful teacher, a blessing to the world." - Noelleen

"I just want to keep listening!" - Jen

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Kommentarer fra kursdeltagere

"Jan muchas gracias por este curso maravilloso, siento que realmente pude conectar con todo lo que nos enseñas, ahora hay que recordar y ponerlo en práctica! Me gustó mucho y quiero volverlo a escuchar! Gracias por compartir estos conocimientos tan valiosos de una forma sencilla pero a la vez tan profunda! " - Maritza André

"El temario es muy completo y abarca diferentes aspectos. Jan lo expone con gran claridad y de forma agradable. Un aspecto diferencial de sus cursos es que aporta datos objetivos y en algunos casos cita estudios de las Neurociencias. Me gustan mucho sus cursos. Ahora haré el tercero! Gracias Jan." -Beatriz

"Muchas gracias, las prácticas son interesantes y nos llenan de paz al auto observarlas y verlas desde otro lugar" - Paty

“Mi encantado el curso como he notado cambios en mi, es el segundo que hago con Jean y la verdad que maravillada de la sabiduría que nos comparte!“ - Pollyana

"Jan, muy bueno tu curso. Has echado luz a mi consciencia. Un abrazo desde Argentina." - Marcelo

"Es un curso genial. Como siempre Jan es increíble" - Cristina

"Jan, gracias por este maravilloso curso. Muy claro, didáctico y simplificaste temas muy álgidos. Me sirvió mucho, ahora me siento con otras herramientas para seguir mi camino. Gratitud," - Larruci

"Muchas gracias Jan por tu curso, desmontas las creencias de una manera muy fácil de entender y permites que nos auto observemos con humildad y ganas de crecer." - Sandra

"El profesor es fantástico. Muy sencillo y muy práctico. Muy divertido y didáctico." - Amador

"Maravilloso, una revelación en el momento justo. Gracias." - Ana

"Magnifico ! Me gustó bastante, Corto, sencillo, eficaz , lleno de información y ejercicios prácticos para conectarnos con nuestra esencia y nuestra verdad. Totalmente recomendado" - Sandra

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