Music and Excercises

Nature has equipped all of us with the ability to be both active and at rest, to be both tense and relaxed. Two important principles in stress management and quality of life are called the the principle of rhythm and the the principle of balance . According to these, our health and quality of life is largely dependent on there being a rhythm or balance between being tense and being relaxed. We must therefore try to avoid the extremes, that is, neither too much nor too little of either activity or rest.

Despite the fact that these principles are ancient wisdom that most people agree upon, the reality is that far too many people live and work in a way that creates imbalance. We have a lot of training in being active, in being tense and in "lifting our shoulders", while few of us have learned how important it is to train and spend time on the opposite skill, that is, the ability to pause and rest..

The good news is that our ability to relax is like a muscle that can be trained. If you spend some time daily to consciously practice relaxation in order to reduce tension in your body and mind, this will create positive changes in many areas of your life.
But do not believe my words. Experience it yourself with a 14-day experiment where you spend 10 to 20 minutes a day relaxing with meditation music or a relaxation/mindfulness exercise. Besides my music and my exercises, there are a lot of good options on various apps and websites that you can try in order to find something that you like.

Ultimately, it is your effort that counts. Without some discipline, patience and perseverance on your part, as well as motivation and willingness to try something new, there is little that can be done to improve your quality of life.
Good luck with the training!
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