Stress Management for Health-Care Workers


For hospitals, clinics, health institutions and laboratories that wishes to improve the quality of service given to patients, family members, clients and suppliers by strengthening the team work and personal well-being of their personnel.

Research shows that health professionals in many parts of the world experience an increasingly amount of pressure, work dissatisfaction, fatigue and demoralization that not only threaten their health and personal well-being, but also have a detrimental effect on the quality of care given to patients and clients. Enhancing the physical, mental and emotional state of health workers is therefore of utmost importance if quality care and attention is to be provided.
The reinforcement of leadership skills, team-spirit and a positive working environment through stress reduction and personal development with the practice of Mindfulness has shown to be an effective strategy for improving service quality both for patients, their families and internal and external clients.
The application and practice of Mindfulness in the workplace enhances personal well-being and motivation, as well as key competencies like stress management and emotional intelligence. Furthermore, it strengthens attitudes and behaviors that favor quality care and service like self-control, empathy, flexibility, tolerance and patience.

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