My book is about personal development and growth; about understanding our own life story and getting to know ourselves in order to find our way back to the authentic version of who we really are. It was first published in Spanish in Venezuela in 2005 and was later translated into English.

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¨This book was the start of a life changing process for me. I read it 7 years ago and definitely changed my life. Very easy to read. The writer explains how we have been programmed/raised sets limits for us and he gives strategies and action items to put in practice to change that. Thanks Professor Jan for such an amazing piece of art¨. - PD

¨Only five stars because I cant select more. This book can truly change your life¨. - Bruno A. Regno

¨This book allows you to discover the origin of many of the behaviors that adults have, especially those that take us away from our true essence as human beings¨. - Kindle Customer
English Edition

(English edition)
Editorial IESA 2005
Author: Jan Moller

"Living our life without knowing our purpose is like trying to reach an unknown destination without using a map: we get lost. Because of our self-ignorance, our actions and decisions are very often not being guided by the wisdom of our inner being, but instead are strongly influenced by the programming or conditioning we received as children, which in most cases limits our capacity to live a fulfilling life. On the other hand, when we get to know ourselves on a deeper level and our existential purpose becomes clearer, the closer we get to living our lives according to it, the happier we become.

This book will show you in a down-to-earth manner how to free yourself from the limitations of the past in order to obtain the freedom to be yourself. Following the book’s suggestions, you will be able to create more harmony in your family, work place and social life because you will improve the way you feel about yourself and the way you relate to other people. It will also help you not to repeat with your own children the mistakes committed by past generations.
But remember, the transformation doesn’t happen when you try to change yourself; it happens when you discover who you really are".
- Jan Moller

Spanish Edition

EL ÉXITO ES SER UNO MISMO (Edición española)
Ediciones IESA 2005
Autor: Jan Moller

"Vivir nuestra vida sin conocer su verdadero propósito es como tratar de llegar a un lugar desconocido sin utilizar un mapa: nos perdemos. Por nuestra autoignorancia, y sin que nos damos cuenta, nuestras acciones y decisiones no son guiadas por la sabiduría de nuestro ser interior, sino están fuertemente influenciadas por la programación o condicionamiento que recibimos cuando éramos niños, lo cual es inconsciente y limita nuestra capacidad para vivir una vida plena. Por el otro lado, cuando lleguemos a conocernos en un nivel más profundo y nuestro propósito comienza a revelarse y en la medida que logremos vivir según su mandato, seremos cada vez más felices.
Este libro te mostrará de manera lógica y práctica cómo liberarte de las limitaciones del pasado para reconquistar la libertad de ser tú mismo. Siguiendo sus sugerencias, lograrás mayor armonía en tu entorno familiar, social y laboral porque te sentirás mejor contigo mismo y mejorarás tu forma de relacionarte con los demás. También te ayudará a no repetir con tus propios hijos los errores cometidos por pasadas generaciones.
Pero recuerda, la transformación no ocurre cuando tratas de cambiar o mejorar, sino en el momento que descubras quién realmente eres".
- Jan Moller
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