Values and Life View

The challenge

"Having lived in many different countries, and after many interesting experiences of other cultures, religions, and above all, of different people, I have come to the conclusion that the differences between us are actually just a very thin, superficial layer, and that underneath there exists a dimension where we are all equal and where we share the same basic need to feel good about ourselves and others. I have also become convinced that the lack of peace and harmony in the world is a collective expression of an individual inner turmoil and anxiety that most people live with today.

An old Chinese proverb says:
When the soul is nourished, the individual becomes beautiful,
when the individual is beautiful, the home becomes harmonious,
when the home is harmonious, the country becomes orderly,
when the country is orderly, the world becomes peaceful.

The upbringing and education we received taught us to how to produce, but in many ways not how to live. Transformed into human "doings", we live absorbed by the rational and material (and digital), with little time for our emotional and spiritual needs. We therefore lose touch with the deeper dimensions of life and thereby miss the opportunity to live with the awareness of our common humanity and the universal connection that exists between everything and everyone.

The result is a world full of "malnourished souls" who are unable to show their true, constructive nature, and instead express themselves in a distorted way through depression, anxiety, stress, illness, conflicting families and unjust and inhuman societies. It is as if we are an orchestra with 7 billion instruments trying to play harmoniously together, but the result is mostly noise and very little music because the vast majority of the instruments are out of tune.

Therefore, the changes needed to create a better world must begin with an individual, personal development process where each one of us does what is necessary in our professional and personal lives to "tune the instrument" so that we become better at creating harmony together. We must learn to create families, workplaces and communities where the soul can be nourished. Being proactive and taking initiatives to improve how we feel about ourselves is one way to achieve this".

-Jan Moller

About human nature

• We are all spiritual beings making human experiences

• All people are born good because the nature of our spiritual being is love

• The purpose of life is to give human expressions to our spiritual being

• The true human expressions of the spirit create balance and harmony

• Joy is the default emotional state of human beings

• Well-being is created in the balance between giving and receiving

• We cannot give what we do not have

• To help others, we need to know how to help ourselves

• High self-esteem is a prerequisite for health and happiness

• The basis for high self-esteem is unconditional love in early childhood

"The name of your faith or religion
is of no importance.
If love is visible in your words and actions,
you are on the right path".

- Jan Moller
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