What is life quality and personal development?


What is life quality?
In the Norwegian Directorate of Health's publication “Well-being in Norwegian” from 2015, we can read the following:
“Recommendations from the WHO and the OECD, as well as experiences from public health work in the UK, support the Norwegian Directorate of Health's choice to engage in the international concept of well-being and take advantage of the associated field of research. This has been called "the well-being lens". When we observe public health work through these glasses, the population's satisfaction with life, positive relationships and experience of mastery and belonging are as important as data on disease incidence and premature death.

This perspective is thus an important reminder that the psychosocial aspects of life have been underestimated in community planning.
Material prosperity is important, but is not enough alone. Human welfare and well-being also depend on whether material conditions provide opportunity for participation, social contact and experience of meaning. This may be an old insight, but the research that is emerging makes it possible to address this in public health work. ”

What is personal development?
Personal development means giving our psychosocial needs an important place in our lives. It means means above all to take the initiative to improve how we feel with ourselves and others. It involves the acquisition of knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable us to create a healthier life with creativity and joy.

There are many theories and methods one can choose as guides in this process. Common to those who give positive results are, in addition to the theoretical and practical training, the development of increased self-understanding and self-confidence. This strengthens the ability to set boundaries and express needs, which creates balance, well-being and constructive relationships, both at home and at work.

Why personal development?
Many people need to improve how they feel about themselves and others because despite science, technology and financial resources, we have in many ways not been able to develop a way of living and working that makes us happy. We strive to get a good education and to get a well-paid job, and we work hard to satisfy our needs. However, too many people feel stressed, exhausted and dissatisfied, and the number of people living with anxiety, depression or chronic illness is constantly increasing. Underlying all this is often an unconscious, frustrating feeling that life is not as it should be, even though we cannot fully point out what is missing.

Personal development involves discovering what the problems are and what we can do to solve them. For many, this process will lead to increased self-insight and -knowledge. We get to know ourselves on a deeper level and discover the more profound, existential needs we have as human beings. Only then will we become aware of how we can live life in a more complete and balanced way and find the inner satisfaction we are all looking for.

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