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Hi, I'm Jan Moller and welcome to my website. My work is based on the principles Prevention and Help for Self-Help. I assist individuals, families and companies in creating well-being, motivation and healthy interpersonal relations, both at home and at work. In my training sessions, consultations and workshops, you will acquire knowledge, skills and practical tools that will support you in achieving the positive changes you want.


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Here are reviews from some of the 2100 students so far:

"What a timely course! I’m so glad I came across it. Thank you Jan for sharing your research with the world. Thank you for this gift of knowledge and hope to see more of it in the future!" - Gul

"Thank you so much for your beautiful and thought-inspiring course! I will listen again to deepen my perception of how I can heal myself and possibly assist my family, friends and community in our pursuit of health and happiness. Love and blessings to all. Namasté!" - Celia

"Amazing! In 21 modules, Jan breaks down why we are the way we are and why the world is the way it is. I feel as though I have had 15 years of therapy in 21 days. Thank you!" - Chris

"Absolutely loving this course Jan! Really resonates with me, the sessions are amazing thank you. Listening to a couple a day, fantastic sessions." - Sharon

"Very thought provoking. The stories and analogies are well thought out making them good food for thought. Very worthwhile for seekers." - Jim

"Excellent I recommend everyone should hear this we need to unite together to change things. Thank you!" - Nada

"Very clearly worded, understandable. Great distinctions of thought." - Patricia

"Wonderful teacher, a blessing to the world." - Noelleen

"Absolutely illuminating. Did the course twice in one year and likely will do it again." - Alisa


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Here are reviews from some of the 1200 students so far:

"I enjoyed this course as a great grandmother to a 4 year old boy that I keep 5 days a week for long hours. I’ve been using your suggestions along the way. I related well to day 14 and I plan on following your suggestions around meals. The struggle is real! Thank you for this wonderful course". - Beverly

"This was so insightful. Each day had a lot of relevant information for parenting". - Autumn

"Thank you, this course was very helpful and supportive of my journey as a father". - Chris


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From the very beginning of my work as a doctor almost 40 years ago, I have been interested in the topic of Prevention. My first private practice in Oslo (1985-88) was called "Center for Preventive Medicine". There I worked in a team with a psychologist, physiotherapist and with what we today call a life coach.
We were some of the first in Norway to use a holistic approach to the treatment of, above all, stress-related ailments and diseases. Holistic means that, in addition to assessing what is happening in the body, we also take into account the possible mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of a person's health and life challenges.
My experience is that many ailments, pains and diseases can be prevented or alleviated by mobilizing people's own resources. This can be achieved by giving them time to talk about their life situation and by teaching them practical and simple tools they can use in their daily lives to reduce tension and stress and develop healthy living habits and relationships.
In addition to my private practice as a psychotherapist, I have taught stress management, team building and psychosocial work environment for over 35 years in business schools, universities and companies in 12 different countries in 3 different languages. In the work situation, coaching and training in stress management, leadership, communication skills and team work will reduce sick leave, create a positive work environment and strengthen employees' motivation, commitment and efficiency.
In Venezuela, where I lived for 27 years, I ran my own Wellness and Management Training Center for many years, where we based our work on the same holistic approach to health, work and quality of life.







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My work at the Wellness and Management Training Center in Venezuela
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My work as a business school and university teacher, keynote speaker and management training facilitator
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