Should it be that easy to have children?

In Norway, there are some vets who say that many people should never have had a dog. They recommend creating a certificate of approval for dog owners. That would mean that anyone who wants to acquire a dog must first pass a training program and obtain a certificate that demonstrates […]

Plant medicine from the Amazon gives better health to city dwellers?

The use of the indigenous medicine Ayahuasca in Colombian cities. The word ‘psychedelic’ means ‘expanding consciousness’ and is used for something that expands the inner experience. You can talk about psychedelic substances, psychedelic music and psychedelic art.

The Superior Feels Inferior

In the previous post we talked about being arrogant and feeling superior to other people. But something or someone is superior only in relation to something inferior. Therefore, the superiority complex cannot exist without the inferiority complex. Both are a result of children’s upbringing not giving them what they need […]

The Danger Of Knowing Too Much

Curiosity is the drive or energy that often is activated inside us when faced with something we do not know or understand. When we realize our ignorance, it bothers us and a need is born in us to study, investigate and experiment, thus opening up the learning process, whereby we […]


La perfección es una meta inalcanzable, una imposibilidad, una utopía. Lo perfecto es algo que ha completado su desarrollo, algo que no tiene más potencial de mejoramiento o crecimiento; por eso no existe en lo que tiene vida. Psicológicamente, como perfeccionista, estás motivado por el mismo miedo de siempre, instalado […]

Responsible Selfishness

In the post on the Universal Law of Balance we saw that health and well-being largely depend on our abilities to satisfy our multiple needs in a balanced way. It is not possible to achieve a balanced satisfaction of our needs unless we have the inner strength, both to ask […]

Psychotherapy: Powerful Tool for Growth and Well-Being

The idea that going to a psychologist or psychiatrist means that one is “crazy” or sick has been changing in recent decades. More and more people are discovering that psychotherapy can be a tremendous help for feeling better about themselves and others.

The Dependency on Other People

In the previous blog we saw how, when we suffer from low self-esteem, we anchor our sense of security in something external. The most common external “hooks” are money, power, status, material things, routines, other people and the absolute truth. As we hold on to these “hooks”, they become dependencies […]

Self-Esteem and Change Management

To understand how our self-esteem influences how we perceive, interpret and manage change, let’s imagine a tightrope walker. He is mounted on a rope that moves from one side to the other and, in order not to fall, he needs to adapt to changes in the position of the rope […]

The Psychology of Change

What most of all creates problems for us in relation to how to handle changes is our own mind. What does the mind do when there is a change? Well, it perceives it, it interprets it – and depending on how the change is perceived and interpreted, we react one […]

The Universal Law of Permanent Change

A very important issue for our well-being is change and our way of handling it and relating to it. Many times we struggle with this phenomenon, we often find it difficult to flow with life and accept it as it comes and we create a lot of discomfort and stress […]

The Universal Law of Rhythm

Stress Management – Part 3: Living and working with positive stress En este post explicaremos el principio básico de manejo del estrés en el día-día, especialmente aplicable y útil durante la jornada de t In this post we will explain the basic principle of day-to-day stress management, especially applicable and […]

Do you know the universal laws?

PART 1 The Law of balance Universal laws or natural principles belong to universal wisdom. They never change. They contain “recipes”, or rules of how to lead our lives in order to live in health and well-being. One of these laws is “The Law of Balance”. I’m sure you are […]

Do you have the power to change the world?

“Having lived in many different countries, and after many interesting experiences of other cultures, religions, and above all, of different people, I have come to the conclusion that the differences between us are actually just a very thin, superficial layer, and that underneath there exists a dimension where we are […]